Lucas Brunelle compilation

Lucas Brunelle is the guy who started the crazy urban fixed gear bike videos when he posted “Drag Race NYC” to his personal website in 2003, two years before YouTube came online. Since then, Brunelle has filmed 150 alleycat races and other bike events around the world with his trademark dual helmet cameras.

He’s taken this footage and compiled it into “Line of Sight,” a feature length video showcasing underground bicycle racing around the world.

I’ve posted similar videos of daredevil cyclists before but I’ve mostly stopped doing so over the past year because there’s now a lot of “me too” and they start looking the same after a while. I was a little afraid, too, that posting these videos can be construed as endorsement of that kind of riding. As I’ve gotten older, I’m a little less inclined to encourage crazy cycling like Brunelle shows in his videos.

(But check that move at 1:50 in the trailer. I did exactly the same thing during an alleycat last July — spectacular crash in the middle of heavy traffic.)

I’m usually the nerdy ‘co-exist with traffic’ ninny who Brunelle dislikes, but he did pioneer this stuff after all.

Via Bike Hugger, where there’s a decent comment thread about the utility of posting videos like this. Oh, and you can pre-order the full DVD for $20.

If you want the exact opposite of a ‘cool’ fixed gear urban assault video, check out Rantwick’s Opposite of Cool Video, complete with legal cycling and some hick guitar music. I think a lot of you have already seen my own Mellow Morning Commute, right?


  1. Who you callin’ a hick? Huh? I’m gonna go get Ma, ma dog, and ma gun!

    Seriously though, thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Man, I’m a cyclist but after watching “Line of Sight” I hate all cyclists. What a bunch of jerks.

  3. What’s your opinion of motorists after watching Cannonball Run, Smokey the Bandit, Blues Brothers and the Fast and the Furious? 😉

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