Millionaire bus riders

S.F. Chron columnist C.W. Nevius blew a little hot air about San Francisco Muni (San Francisco’s mass transit system) this morning on KGO’s “open mic” feature and proves once again how out of touch he is with his city’s transportation by scoffing at the idea of “a millionaire who rides Muni.”

This isn’t San Francisco, but that’s a $4700 custom bicycle on the Santa Cruz bus bike rack.

A $5000 custom bike on the bus

In San Francisco, there are millionaires who ride public transportation. California Vice Governor (and former San Francisco mayor) Gavin Newsom has a net worth of $5 million, and he claims to ride Muni on a regular basis.

Gavin Newsom rides the bus


  1. Newsom just bought a new V-10 Ford Expedition (well the state probably did). When he was Mayor he had a giant SUV. Oh, but it was a Hybrid! Except that any fuel efficiency from that was sucked up by the extra weight from the armor plating. Tell me why he needs armor plating on his Mayoral SUV if he’s willing to be a regular MUNI rider?

    When he’s on MUNI it’s pure greenwash.

  2. Nevius gives himself all the cheap shots he needs.  The guy is a total joke.  He’s like an internet troll, but with a “real” outlet.

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