Name that Bike Share!

The San Francisco Bay Area Bike Share funded by a grant from the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District and (probably) operated by Alta Bicycle Share needs a more manageable name.

The names the Bike Share people have come up with so far include “BABS” (for Bay Area Bike share and pronounced “babs”) and “BayBi” (pronounced “baby” like “Take BayBi to work” or “BayBi has grown!”).

Post your ideas here and I’ll try to pass them along to the People In Charge Of These Kinds Of Things.

Some things off the top of my head: Bay Area Ride Free (BARF), Bay Area Ride Share (BARS).


  1. Hmm, those all seem a bit clumsy.  How about “Bikehopper”?  Hop on a bike to get where you’re going.

    Have they figured out what to do about helmets?  I assume they’re not doing “helmet share”.

  2. One of the “technical specifications” the applicants were graded on included their answer to the question “Provide your perspective on how best to address the topic of helmets.”  But I haven’t see the responses from the winning vendors, so no idea what they’ll do.

    The presumed winner (Alta) runs Boston’s Hubway, which famously doesn’t do helmets.

  3. In California, helmets are mandatory for those under 18, so I presume no families can use bike share.

    Is the situation similar in MA?

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