No flat wheelset available through Kickstarter

Mountain bike hall-of-famer Steve Boehmke launched a Kickstarter project to gauge interest in Hutchinson’s “Serenity” flat-proof bicycle tires.

Boehmke’s passion has always been about getting people on bikes, and he believes the Serenity tire can help by removing one of the barriers to riding, which is the fear of flat tires. Unlike many other attempts at airless, flat-free tires, the Serenity provides a decent, shock absorbing ride with good rolling resistance using technology borrowed from Hutchinson’s development of airless tires for military vehicles and the American presidential limousine.

Hutchinson developed this for use in fleet operations such as bike rentals and bike shares, so marketing to the consumer market has been slow. Boehmke would like to kickstart American acceptance of this tire by selling them pre-installed on good quality wheels.

The minimum fund-raising isn’t a huge amount (only $1000), so my guess is that Boehmke is looking for pre-orders so he doesn’t lose his shirt by pre-ordering a container of tires. I think it’s safe bet, though, that at least four people will order a set of wheels through this project.

If you’re interested, Steve posts much more information about this tire here. I’ve tried them (but only very briefly) and I can tell you the Serenity is far superior to the foam rubber tires I’ve tried before. They seem ideally suited for urban riding at moderate speeds.


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