Norcal Special Weather Statement

While the U.S. Northeast recovers from Sandy while preparing for yet another major storm later this week, the National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement for a disaster of another kind in Northern California: unusually warm weather that may break high temperature records across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Much higher than normal temperatures are expected Monday and Tuesday, with forecast highs approaching and possibly passing record high temperatures. Some inland communities may possibly break the 90 degree F mark.

While these temperatures don’t warrant a heat advisory, they are much higher than normal for November (!), and the Weather Service cautions those of us “planning strenuous outdoor activities these days should remember to stay hydrated.”

Break out your fenders and rain gear after Wednesday, though. Temperatures will drop a good 25 degrees F as an Alaskan storm moves down the coast with a chance of showers beginning on Thursday.

Commuters reading this may need to remember your lights — darkness begins an hour “earlier” due the end of Daylight Savings Time.

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