1. Is a criminal court summons the same as a non-moving violation? I know NYC does things it’s own way versus a lot of the rest of the state and I’ve never been resident there so how’s that show up? Regardless this seems a little out of proportion and I used to make a semi regular (2005) run to NYC as a delivery truck driver!

  2. Beware confirmation bias.

    With that said, I got a speeding ticket on my bike in Houston many years ago (still have it framed)…

    Ticketed for going 45 in a 35.

    I fought it and won (of course). When the judge hear the charge, his head snapped up from his paperwork and he looked around. Looked at me and asked me what kind of bike I rode (mountain bike). Then asked how fast I thought I could go on it (maybe 30… downhill… with a tailwind).

    He snorted, then proceeded to REAM the cop for hassling cyclists and wasting the city’s time with BS tickets.

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