Prudence vs resistance to change

Here’s an interesting discussion over at GRID Chicago with Charles Marohn, executive director of Strong Towns, and Mike Lanza, an “Plaborhoods” advocate for public spaces that allow children to play and move about independently.

When you look at the Republican Party nowadays there’s a debate going on between the prudence conservatives versus the resistant to change conservatives. The resistance to change conservatives, a lot of those people look at our suburban experiment and say, “The ability to drive your SUV on congestion-free highways with low gas prices, that’s America. If we lose that we’ve lost something.” And the prudence conservatives are more along the lines of, “Can we really afford this? Are we bankrupting ourselves, or is this a long-term, viable option?”

. . .

I do think most of our solutions are going to evolve more effectively at the local level, with a more limited government type of approach, with more taking responsibility for yourself and your local community.

Good stuff over at GRID Chicago: Strong Towns and Playborhoods: A talk with Charles Marohn and Mike Lanza.

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