Attention SF Bay Area: Rain on the way

Lest this latest stretch of beautiful weather lulls you into complacency, allow me to remind you that it’s almost December and heavy rain and wind is on the way.

The National Weather Service says we can expect high winds from the south beginning Tuesday afternoon, so prepare for new Strava PRs and KOMs if you happen to ride the right direction. Rain begins on Wednesday, with heavy rain expected beginning Thursday, especially in the hills around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dirty Sport

If your cycling raingear isn’t as waterproof as it used to be, read this advice on refreshing your fabric’s water resistance. I review Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In here; I can recommend that stuff to renew your raingear waterproofing. It’s good stuff.

Remember, Supermarket Street Sweep takes place in San Franciso on Saturday, rain or shine!


  1. Did you come in to work in San Jose today or lay low at home in the hills. I came in and found the rain light at 8ish and the southerly winds delightfully helpful. The rain has stopped, but remains to be seen how rough the wind is tonight when I head south.

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