Reina Torindoru rides a bicycle

In my efforts to expand my cultural horizons and yours, I present Austrian / Japanese model & actress Reina Torindoru (aka Reina Triendl and “Tori-chan” aka トリンドル玲奈), who we can watch riding a folding bike while “Otousan” (father) the dog rides alongside.

Torindoru stars in a long running series of ads for mobile / Internet service provide Softbank featuring the Shirato family. The dog is the patriarch of the family. African-American actor Dante Carver, who speaks fluent Japanese, plays the son of the family. I have no clue what Torindoru’s role is in this series other than to be charming and cute. The dog’s bike says “Otousan Bike”; I can’t read what the girl’s bike says. Both bikes have the dog’s face as the headbadge.

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