Bay Area Cyclists: Ride your bike in an upcoming Verizon commercial


Verizon is seeking a cyclist for an upcoming commercial shoot in the Bay Area. Casting will be held Thursday, December 20th and Friday, December 21st. So if you’re a male cyclist between the ages of 30-38 and are white or hispanic, you might be able to pick up a quick $1500!

Here are the complete details:

Commercial audition for Verizon

Usage: Network, Cable, Syndication, Spot, DRTV, Internet, New Media, Multicultural market TV use
Broadcast territories: US, Puerto Rico
Run: 6 weeks
Rate: SAG scale approx. $1500 for the day + residuals

Role is for: Male/30-38 years old/Caucasian, Hispanic/Mediterranean
He is fit and attractive. He is biking up and down hills in San Francisco with ease. He should be endearing with a natural charm… one of those cool SF guys. He is fit but we do not want him to look like some uber-athlete – not like bike riding or being an athlete is his job (OK if you are a messenger). For the commercial we see him biking throughout the city, visiting some of the more noticeable landmarks in San Francisco. For the shoot he will need to have the stamina to bike A LOT throughout the day.

I will be holding auditions in a casting studio this Thursday and Friday, the 20th and 21st in downtown SF. There will be a callback for people the client would like to see again on Monday, January 7th. If you get booked the shoot will be in SF on Saturday, January 12th. You would need to be available all day.

If you feel you fit the bill and are available for the above mentioned dates, please email me at

Be sure to include:

  • A picture of yourself – be sure I can actually tell what you look like from your picture. An additional one with you riding would be great but not a must.
  • A short note about who you are so I can get a feel of your personality.
  • Your bicycling experience. What kind of rider are you? Do you feel you can hack a full day of riding throughout the City – some hills included?
  • Which day would be better for you if I want to get you in for an audition in SF this Thursday or Friday? What time of day is best for you?
  • Are you available for potential callback on Monday, January 7th?
  • Are you available if you get booked for the shoot in SF on Saturday, January 12th?

If I am interested in getting you in for an audition I will contact you and give you a time and the location of the audition at that time.


Thank you,

Gregg Cohen (casting director)

Thanks for reading and good luck!

– Edelstone

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