Drunk maniac mows down cyclists with his pickup truck

Cyclists in Joinville, Santa Catarina State, Brazil were injured when an angry driver ran them over with his pickup truck. Security video of the incident shows his actions may have been intentional.

People gathered for “Pedal da Sônia,” a weekly Monday night casual ride through Joinville (pronounced “JOY een vee lee”), were stopped at a gas station for refreshments and air when a man pulled into the station and yelled at the cyclists before going inside to purchase beer. After he made his purchase, he came back out and began yelling at the cyclists, according to witnesses, throwing beer at them and threatening to kill them as he drove away.

A few minutes later, the driver drove back through the gas station and intentionally hit two of the cyclists, Sônia Paranhas and Gean Vittório Toniolo. The cyclists were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Police arrested the driver, who refused a breathalyzer test and was released on bail.

Joinville is an affluent city of over a half million people in Santa Catarina state. More news and info (in Brazilian Portuguese):

Thank you to Biking Tom in Brazil for the info, news links and translation help.


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