Toronto’s scofflaw mayor

Rob Ford, the famously anti-cyclist mayor of Toronto, Ontario who rants about the entitlement and privilege of the bicycle elite in Canada’s largest city, apparently is frequently caught breaking the law as he drives his Ford Escalade SUV.

An uppity Toronto light rail operator harassed the poor, beleaguered mayor after Ford drove past the open doors of a stopped streetcar. Ontario traffic code prohibits passing a stopped streetcar when it’s loading and unloading passengers.

Ford has also been seen seen talking on his mobile phone while driving.

More recently, Ford admits to reading while driving because “I’m trying to catch up on my work and you know I keep my eyes on the road, but I’m a busy man.”

Somebody take this man’s license before he kills somebody!

Via Teresa.


  1. He was in hospital recently with breathing trouble, the exact cause of which has not been shared, as is his right; however, the dude is twice the weight of a normal adult male. If you asked him, he’d likely say he’d die before he commuted by bike. An accurate prediction, and not many years off, I’d wager. I don’t need to wish ill on him.

    That something like thirty percent of the electorate voted this known
    buffoon in (he has a loooong history of misdemeanours) tells you much
    about trying to cycle in Toronto, a city I loathe from years of

  2. Hmmmm. In light of recent events, poor driving skills are the least of his worries

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