San Francisco bike map, 1972

An old map from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition…

“Suggested routes” are the solid blue lines, while “exclusive bike lanes … good for family and recreational cycing” are dashed lines on the Great Highway, Sunset Boulevard, across Golden Gate Park and a short section of Fell Street in what might be an early version of The Wiggle.

1972 SFBC Bike Route Map, inside

The text says:

Bicycling is sane, healthful, fun-filled transportation, and S.F.’s hills make it an interesting & invigorating experience; but don’t feel you should tackle the steepest ones. Our suggested routes take best advantage of the topography, and with a low-geared 10-speed bike you will be able to negotiate any of them.

Your safety is in no way guaranteed along these routes; RIDE DEFENSIVELY! Follow the rules of the road, keep to the right, but do not use the parking lane or sidewalk unless necessary. Be prepared to dismount and walk when advisable.

Always be alert for autos pulling out or turning, or car doors opening in front of you. Sewer grates turned the wrong way can catch your wheel and send you flying; report them to Dept. of Public Works !

Have pity on buses: don’t make lots of people wait for you to get out of the way. Yield right of way to pedestrians.

H/T (once again!) to Jenny.


  1. Bicycling is sane. Sort of. 

    I like this part, telling it like it is: “Your safety is in no way guaranteed along these routes; RIDE DEFENSIVELY!”

  2. last time I was in San Francisco I noticed that they added a lot more bike lanes but for some reason none of them used it from what I saw and instead veered in and out of traffic.

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