San Jose bike share

It appears the Bay Area bike share project may finally become reality this year. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is piloting a bike share program for San Francisco, which will have about 500 bikes at 50 stations, Redwood City (10 stations), Palo Alto (10 stations), Mountain View (10 stations) and San Jose (20 stations).

BAAQMD published a request for proposals (RFP) a little while back. Vendors have until March 8 to submit their proposals. A winning bid will be selected sometime in April or so, and the winning bidder will supposedly install 1000 bikes at 100 locations across five cities for a grand opening by July 1. Good luck with that.

I’ve mapped out the proposed locations for San Jose bike share kiosks for your benefit, perusal and discussion.

Each of the blue tags is a kiosk location. I’ve marked most of them with the number of docks — just click to see how many bikes can be parked at each station.

View Silicon Valley Bike Share in a larger map

Nearly 100 docking stations will be available at Diridon Station at five different kiosks, with additional smaller kiosks spread across downtown, to the museum district, Cesar Chavez Plaza, City Hall, and San Jose State University, with a lonely bike share station located way up north in Japantown.

Downtown is already fairly thick with cyclists, especially on event nights. These bike share stations located within easy cycling distance of all downtown attractions has the potential to completely transform this part of San Jose into a bike city.

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