Tour of San Jose Energizer Stations 2012

I visited six “Energizer Stations” in San Jose during Bike To Work Day 2012 on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

My first Energizer station was the San Jose MLK Library station sponsored by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. SVBC Director Corinne Winter helps a cyclist fill out a survey.

MLK Library Energizer Station

After that, I swung around to Diridon Station, where hundreds of cyclists use Caltrain and Amtrak every day to travel to and from San Jose. The American Diabetes Association was on hand with goodies, along with information about the Silicon Valley Tour de Cure, which takes place June 10.

Caltrain Energizer Station

I also ran into Ryland with his authentic Chinese Flying Pigeon bike. He says he it bought from some guy on Craigslist.

Ryland and his Flying Pigeon Bike

I then moved on to Julian Street to hunt in vain for an Energizer Station sponsored by Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants, but I never could find them. They’re doing the consulting for the San Jose part of Bike Share and I wanted to meet these folks. Oh well.

Next, onto the Guadalupe River Trail, where I found these fine folks from the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy near Coleman Avenue.

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

I left the trail at Hedding Street to make my way to the Santa Clara County offices, where I ran into County Supervisor Ken Yeager.

Ken Yeager

The “eBay Green Team” sponsored this Energizer Station on the corner of 1st and Brokaw.

eBay Energizer Station

My final stop before I hit the office was on Rio Robles at this station sponsored by SunPower and SwimOutlet, where I got a free gift card.

Rio Robles


Where did you stop on your Bike To Work Day?


  1. I stopped by Fenwick & West station on Castro Street at California in Mountain View where they had really good petite-sized bagels.  I was the only one wearing a suit and I’m not a lawyer.

    Then I hit the station at MV Transit center, which was really hopping.  There were probably 40 people drinking coffee from REI, munching and chatting.  I also noticed a few bike convoys used the station as their meet-up location.

    I had an 8:30 meeting so I hopped on my San Jose  train and rushed up to the office.  No time to check out the San Jose stations so I appreciate your photos.

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