San Jose Guadalupe River Trail update

Guadalupe River Trail Phase 1 Construction between I-880 and Trimble Road begins this week.

The project to pave the Guadalupe River Trail from I-880 north to Alviso begins this week. Phase 1 alongside San Jose International Airport begins this week, and the trail will be closed for three months during this phase. Detour signs directing trail users to use 1st Street (ha ha ha!) will be posted this week.

For now, the trail remains open as work crews have begun staging equipment and supplies on the Guadalupe River trail south of Trimble Road.

The 6.4 mile project will pave the existing gravel trail and include 5 interpretive stations along the route. The current gravel trail is jointly used by the City for recreation and the Santa Clara Valley Water District for maintenance of the waterway.

Here’s what cycling south on 1st Street looks like from a cyclist’s perspective.


  1. This video is awesome! what do you think of the first street attitude towards bicycles? Do you feel like they’re a little too close?

  2.  The stretch of North 1st south of Brokaw where there are no bike lanes and freeway crossings sucks.  The drivers are not usually happy campers either since there’s a lot of commute traffic.

    If I can’t get under 880 on the trail to get to Airport Blvd, then I’ll be taking 4th street where at least there aren’t any freeway exits/entrances at 880.

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