SF Peninsula: 60% more bike commuters

The Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance announced a 60% increase in bike commuters for Bike To Work Day this year over 2011.

The Alliance, which is the transportation demand management agency for San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula in California, coordinated the 31 Bike To Work Day “Energizer Stations” in 17 cities throughout the county on May 10. Workers at each station tally the cyclists passing through their stations.


  1. @google-c7390c9afca3d9d0d4b3eb299c34e79a:disqus There was an average of 66 this year, and an average of 58 last year. So @e3f560fd75297d1009b6b88ba5def48c:disqus that might be one possible explanation. Media exposure and gas prices others. Maybe the city spent more on bike friendly infrastructure, too.

  2. Bike commuting was up around DFW as well, though by my count we were up only 5%. 😉

  3. I don’t have the 2012 numbers, but typically the numbers are in the thousands, so a 60% jump is not just a statistical variation.  

    And it’s California — the weather is almost always nice in May. The average temperature on BTWD 2011 — May 10 — was 57 degrees F, compared to 63 degrees this year, so it was a little bit warmer this year.

    The bigger influence was likely the SF2G ride — they really promoted BTWD this year and had close to 1,000 people start in San Francisco that morning. I know about 500 stopped at the Energizer Station operated by my employer in Redwood City.

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