Santa Cruz County wants your input on transportation projects

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission plans the transportation projects around the county and is responsible for divvying out the dollars for those projects. They want your opinions on projects they should prioritize for your part of the the County.

You can provide your ideas on projects at this page. One bike project that’s been kicking around for a few years but that lacks funding includes a San Lorenzo Valley bike path [PDF] from Felton to Ben Lomond to provide a safe route to the SLV schools. Another is a proposed rail-trail alongside the Roaring Camp Railroad tracks from Santa Cruz to Felton. Finally, there’s the long delayed Mar Vista pedestrian / bicycle bridge in Aptos, which is funded but is tied to the delayed Hwy 1 widening project.

If you live in Santa Cruz County, the RTC are also interested in your opinions on alternative transportation.

In other news:

  • Santa Cruz RTC board voted last Thursday to table a proposed transportation tax to fund county road and transportation projects. RTC says the $10 tax on vehicle registrations could raise $2 million annually for the agency, but with other tax measures on the November ballot, RTC staff believes Yet Another Tax would be a tough sell.
  • People Power Santa Cruz has a new director, Amelia Conlen. Outgoing director Micah Posner hopes the 26-year-old will inject enthusiasm and energy into the advocacy organization he ran for the past decade.
  • Santa Cruz police will cuff you for riding the wrong way in the Santa Cruz “Wiggle,” especially if you have brown skin.


  1. If they wanted to stop people of color on bikes, wouldn’t a mandatory helmet law be the usual approach? That’s how they do it in Texas.

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