Santa Cruz rumble strip workshop tonight

    What: Santa Cruz County Highway 1 rumble strip workshop.
    When: Monday, April 9, 6:30 PM.
    Where: Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, by the Octagon Building where River Street runs into Front Street just up the street from Trader Joe’s.

Caltrans is talking about installing rumble strips in the centerline and shoulders of Highway 1 north of the city of Santa Cruz between Shaffer Street to Swanton Road near Davenport, CA. Many local cyclists protest these plans.

View Planned rumble strips Santa Cruz County Highway 1 in a larger map

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission Bicycle Advisory Committee will move it’s regular April meeting to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in anticipation of a large turnout. If I can get out of the office early I’ll be there.



  1. There’s a Sentinel article about the rumble strips that got published just now:¬†

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