Santa Cruz Underwater Ride

“Pedal now or paddle later.”

Several members of People Power Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Green Ways to School joined the Santa Cruz Underwater Tour, in which people dressed up as sea critters to envision an inundated Pacific Avenue and bring attention to the city of Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan.

This guy’s towing a sailboat with his bike.

Santa Cruz Climate Ride 1/24/2012


Greg McPheeter’s couch bike makes for a decent bike-portable stage. The parking lot where this was shot is about 10 feet above sea level.

Santa Cruz Climate Ride 1/24/2012


“Are you a jellyfish?” I ask this guy.

“I am the gyre!” he responds in a menacing voice, then continues sotto voce, “but sea turtles often mistake me for jellyfish.”

Santa Cruz Climate Ride 1/24/2012

People Power’s commentary about the Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan here. News about the Underwater Tour at the Mercury News.

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    Geraldine Carter
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