Sarah Storey rides a bicycle

34 year old athlete Sarah Storey won her 11th gold medal for Great Britain in the 2012 Paralympic games after winning the C4-5 women’s road race today.

Paralympic cycling events are categorized according to disability. “B” category for blind cyclists with a sighted captain, “H” category use a handcycle, “T” category use tricycles, and the numbered “C” categories are for cyclists with physical impairments who can otherwise use a standard bicycle.

Storey was born with an unusable left hand and competes in the C4-5 category. In addition to today’s road race, she won gold in the road time trial, the 500m time trial and the individual pursuit.

Sarah Storey track cycling 2012 Paralympic games London

Photo CC-BY-ND Brian Fuller. You can see his full collection of Paralympic cycling photos at his Flickr photostream.

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