Sky Yaeger at another startup

Legendary bike designer Sky Yaeger has joined a Detroit leather goods manufacturer to create new city bikes for them.

Yaeger has teamed up with Shinola to design a series of lugged steel city bikes with Shimano Alfine 3 speed and 11 speed internal hub gearing. The BR&IN reports the new bike frames are manufactured in Wisconsin by Waterford Precision Cycles (i.e. Richard Schwinn’s operation). The bikes will be available through bike shops and online, with prices starting at $2,500.

Shinola bicycle designed by Sky Yaeger

Yaeger began her work in the bike industry as a marketing manager for Suntour USA in the 1980s. From there, she moved to Bianchi USA, where she was responsible for the Milano, the Pista and the San Jose. When bike apparel company Swobo decided to add bikes to their product line, they hired Yaeger to design their bikes. After Santa Cruz Bicycles (re-)acquired Swobo from Tim Parr, Yaeger bounced to Spot and Trek before landing this gig at Shinola.

Can you tell I’m a Sky Yaeger fanboy?

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  1. Very pretty. I’m glad to see that some models have racks. I hope they allowed for a kickstand as well. A frame that pretty should have to get scratched leaning up against a bike rack.

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