South Bay Bike Party July 2012 photos

Last night’s “Olympic Ride” was by far the largest South Bay Bike Party I’ve ever seen. I think the previous record is 5,000, and I won’t be surprised if last night’s ride beat that.

I’ve uploaded photos to Flickr, but I also had a little fun with the GoPro as I shot photos on Homestead Road near the beginning of the ride in Santa Clara. I hope you enjoy the video!

I mentioned before that San Jose Bike Party is the most diverse bike event I’ve seen. You ride with all kinds of people — different ethnicities, income levels, ages, body shapes, cultures. It’s urban America come together on a Friday night. Nobody cares what type of bike your ride (unless it has a gas motor, then you’ll get booed), what you’re wearing , and whether or not you cover your head.

More thoughts on the ride at SJ Bike Party Olympic Ride Reflections.


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