Fire! Smoke! Bike lane debris! and a bike

“Spike Bike: The Movie” now filming.

Bicycle Explosion LA Times Fire barricade

Here’s the real caption associated with this photo shot on June 5, 2012.

A cyclist rides his bike next to a barricade manned by striking coal miners blocking a road in La Vid, Leon, Spain on 05 June 2012. Coal miners continue their strike after eight days of protest against the cuts of public aid to the sector. According to trade unions, the reduction of the public economic aid to the sector will lead to the inevitable closure of mines in the country. — EPA/ANA F BARREDO

From the LA Times photo blog, where you can find the full size, uncropped image.

For those not familiar with Spike Bike, it begins like this:

I stuck a full mag in my MAC-10 and put another one under the saddle. The gun fits into the water bottle cage pretty well, and it’s fairy light. I stuffed a couple of grenades in my jersey pockets and slipped my Rambo-knife into its sheath on the front fork. Just for good measure, I grabbed a thermite grenade and dropped it into the remaining jersey pocket. This is a little more weight than I usually carry, but it was Friday night after all.

Read more Spike Bike here.

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  1. I wonder whether he managed to ride through that rubble or if he walked the bike.

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