Demo a bike FOR FREE

Do you remember Spinlister? They’re the peer-to-peer bike sharing network.

They’ve now opened up their network nationwide in the United States to those who list their own bikes on the network. And to further encourage people to check them out, the first day rental is on them. Yes, you can try a bike for 24 hours for free.

What are some bikes you might try?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try that full suspension bike shaped object for some rad downhill action? This one is available for only $10 per day in Los Gatos, CA.

Raleigh BSO mountain bike full suspension

A little more seriously, David in San Francisco will let you rent his 36er Penny Farthing for $10/hour or $40/day. Can you imagine riding this to your next bike event? He writes of this bike, “It’s made by ChoiceCollective and it’s insane. It is not for beginners, you need to know how to ride those weird bikes from the past. I’ll teach you how to ride if you’re willing to learn and take some risks, but I decline any responsibility.”

36er mini penny farthing

What if you’re in town visiting for something huge like Oracle Open World next week in San Francisco, and just want a way to get around the city? Numerous city bikes are available for rent from Spinlister, including this PUBLIC bike from Elizabeth for only $20 per day.

White PUBLIC Bicycle city bike

All varieties of bikes are available: road bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, even recumbents. I inquired about trailers and Will @ Spinlister told me he’ll add a trailer category, but for now look in the cargo bike section. Spinlister will cover the cost of your bike up to $5000 if it’s stolen or damaged.

To list your bike or look at available rentals, sign up for Spinlister.


  1. Ah, ok. Missed that part I guess. It’s interesting, and I’d be willing to list a bike, but similar to peer-to-peer car rental, I’d hate to have to cancel someone’s reservation last minute if something came up and I needed to use the bike. I’ll poke around some more though

  2. I listed my two good bikes. It’s a bit worrisome that someone can currently rent it for free (I guess SL pays for it?), but maybe it’s safe with a credit card on file. I read through their documents and the wording on damages and repayments seemed rather light.

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