Stolen Google Bikes

I saw a couple of guys riding a pair of stolen Google bicycles in Scotts Valley earlier this week.

I told them I wouldn’t nark on them if they let me take their photos.

Stolen Google Bikes

Stolen Google Bikes

Stolen Google Bikes

They claimed to have no idea these are Google bikes. “They look like clown bikes,” said Dude #1. “We saw them on Craigslist and paid fifty bucks to some guy in Walnut Creek.”

Walnut Creek (in the East Bay) is a long ways for those bikes to travel from the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.

In other news, Santa Cruz police arrested a suspected bike thief after witnesses reported him trying to steal a bike at 1 AM. Police found the suspected thief in possession of a bolt cutter and a bicycle that didn’t belong to him.


  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Once I was out and about in the South Bay and I saw some folks with the Google bike. Didn’t want to confront them like you. Google is so lax with securing their bikes. I went to a WebMap social event at Google and noticed how they didn’t even lock those bad boys up. 

  2. sucks. i drove by the googleplex the other day w/ a couple of friends and we weren’t planning on riding but the bikes were there and it was awesome. one friend hadn’t been on a bike in 20 years, was convinced she couldn’t ride, etc., but i suggested she hop on a bike — she chose an Intuit bike, actually — and away she went. we cruised around for a bit and dropped them of where we got them. was awesome. tourists were taking pictures and laughing and all sorts of coolness.

  3. I’m surprised you were so lax when dealing with people you KNOW to be bike thieves (or supporting them).
    Didn’t you just have a bike stolen not long after this post.

  4. They’re sitting around at stops all over the VTA light rail system. I’ve seen random kinds riding them in schoolyards in Redwood City too.

  5. Saw a Google bike sitting on my lawn for a few days… Searched using Google Search but couldn’t find which phone number to call to get someone from Google to pick it up. Their phone cue is so long that I ran out of patience… Any one know what numbers to call? Thanks.

  6. Fount the number to call, after visiting one of the google bike parking lot. It’s google security @ 650-253-5353. Hope this helps out new comers.

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