Three years at San Quentin for Robert Schiro

Hard time for hit and run driver who sent Ashley Nelson nee Jackson to the trauma ward.

Judge Sharon Chatman sentenced Robert Schiro to three years at San Quentin and a lifetime revocation of his drivers license. After she gave the local businessman a tongue-lashing for his lack of remorse, Schiro said “unbelievable.”

Judge Chatman said she imposed the sentence to deter other hit-and-run drivers.

Jackson was seriously injured and suffers permanent brain damage after Schiro veered into the bike lane on Highway 9 in Saratoga, California. The crash was witnessed by Jackson’s then boyfriend Dan Nelson. Nelson passed a description of Schiro’s vehicle to police but was unable to get an accurate license plate number. Schiro’s mechanic, who was asked to keep quiet about the car’s damage, saw some of the Widespread publicity throughout the Bay Area about Jackson’s crash, however, and reported Schiro to the police.

Just last week, Schiro was pulled over on that same stretch of Highway 9 after he was spotted driving erratically. During Schiro’s trial, Judge Chatman was told Schiro was a “recovering alcoholic” who attended AA meetings and abstained from drinking. When Jackson was hit in 2009, Schiro was on probation for drunken driving and his license had been suspended. Before today’s sentencing, Chatman ordered Schiro to not drive this past weekend.

Details in the Mercury News. H/T Lady Fleur.


  1. A terrible story that it doesn’t look like jail time is going to begin to fix. This story is clear evidence that bike lanes adjacent to car lanes aren’t bike lanes at all.

  2. Bob Schiro is serving his term in southern California. he went to Kern to be processed because san q was over booked. glad he is off the road

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