Tour de Peninsula 2012 photos

I participated in the Tour de Peninsula yesterday. Of course I brought my camera.

The Tour de Peninsula is the major fundraiser for the San Mateo County Parks Foundation. Every Sunday (excepting holidays), the county closes Cañada Road to all car traffic. Funds from the Tour de Peninsula go to support this car-free Cañada Road on Sundays.

Parks Foundation executive director Julia Bott tells me about 1400 people registered for the ride. The ride routes riders through San Mateo County open space along Cañada Road, Crystal Springs Reservoir, Sawyer Camp Trail, San Andreas Lake. The longer 100 km ride (which I skipped) includes Skyline, Old La Honda (downhill), Kings Mountain and Alice’s Restaurant.

I saw cyclists of all ability levels and ages on the 50 km route, including one young girl on a pink single speed Barbie bike valiantly tackling the wickedly steep hills. I saw a handful of young men on singlespeeds and fixed gear bikes, several city bikes and older steel road bikes, numerous tandem couples, and of course a large collection of lycra clad enthusiasts riding everything from entry-level alloy bikes to “comfort road” relaxed geometry fondo bikes to Dura Ace equipped racers.

The ride scenery was fantastic, and the kid races afterwards highlighted my day. The Parks Foundation recruited some former Olympians and world class athletes to lead the children around the short course set up at Coyote Point Marina. They were absolutely adorable.

Kids Race

My photos are also available at this Flickr photoset.

If you’re looking for the professional photos from the ride, they’re available from You can see me on this page — I’m the guy with the GoPro Hero2 sticking up from my helmet.

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