Veleco, and a 20% discount

Veleco (“Velo” + “Eco”, get it?) has launched what they claim to be the world’s first Fair Trade and eco-friendly cyclewear company, and they offer a 20% discount on your first purchase of their cycling apparel to Cyclelicious readers through November 30, 2012.

Veleco shirts

The Urban-Eco 2012 Collection for men and women includes the breathable, water resistant Re:Cycle Jacket made from 12 recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton cycling t-shirts, hoodies, cycle caps and musette cycling bags.

Veleco Spokeswoman women's t-shirt

They say their aim is to offer cyclists an ethical cyclewear alternative for guilt free riding, according to Veleco co-founder Johnathan Lewis. Garments are made using Fair Trade, ethical and eco-friendly principles, says Lewis.

What does it mean to be ethical?

Veleco uses natural, organic and recycled materials wherever possible. They pay double minimum wage to their local workers and pay a 15% Fair Trade premium to support health and welfare projects in Pakistan, from where they import their garments. Ocean freight is used for their imports.

Veleco principles all bike to work and use bike trailers to lug their stuff, though they do use a van to move stuff around. Lewis is a long time bike nut and bike commuter. His business partner Jamie Lloyd is also a lifelong cyclist with eight years of experience dealing with Fair Trade certified products in the UK.

Veleco cycling jacket

Veleco plan to launch more technical wear including shorts, trousers, more jackets and bags for urban cyclists and commuters next year, so keep your eye on them.

In the meantime, use the coupon code CYCLELICIOUS for a 20% discount on your first purchase. UK shipping from Brighton is free; £8 shipping to Europe; £15 (about US$24) to USA, Canada and the rest of the world for shipments up to 2 kilograms (that’s 4.4 non-metric American pounds).

Learn more: Veleco.

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