1. This is the same women who last year claimed that a New York cop harassed her for biking in a skirt. I believed her than, but now I’m thinking that that story as well as this video are just publicity stunts for her bicycle company (which is named in the video’s title).

  2. • You know the NYPD’s gonna stop her for being too distractingly hot. #BikeNYC

    I saw some of these bikes at that very shop (Hudson Urban Bicycles).  Very interesting design, with integrated lighting.  There is a step-through model as well.

  3. Until I saw this video, I never understood the reason step-thru bikes used to be called “girls bikes.” (I suppose they still are.) I always thought it had something about keeping the top tube away from sensitive lady parts — but I never quite thought that was a satisfying explanation.

    What a silly thing to worry about. I know. I know. But there are so many ways you can unintentionally “expose” yourself to someone going to the trouble of looking. It makes me sad that we live in a world where people are so painfully self conscious that entire products are altered around Victorian modesty.

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