WANTED: Zombie bicycle tattoo artist

Here’s an interesting bit of freelance work for a talented comic illustrator:

I want a sleeve tattoo that incorporates bicycles, zombies, and comics. Unfortunately I can’t draw out my story the way I envision it. I want it to start off with an over weight redneck running down cyclist in his old red pickup truck. The cyclists he hits along the way become undead and begin chasing after him on their bikes. Pretty soon he has a hoard of undead after him untill his trucks dies due to lack of fuel. The zombies eventually catch up to him and eat him alive.

Click here for more info. More bike-related jobs and careers after the page jump.

Marin County (California) Bicycle Coalition seeks bike valet parking coordinator.

Somebody in Vancouver WA (just across the river from Portland, OR) wants somebody to fabricate “extra large bicycle chain wheels”. I think that’s another name for a chainring.

Mikes Bikes in San Rafael, CA seeks a Soft Goods Buyer.

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