Which action camera for your bike rides?

Can’t decide which camera to capture your bicycle ride adventures? Gizmodo compares and contrasts the Drift HD, Ion Air Pro, Contour+, and GoPro Hero2 by attaching them to a mountain bike handlebar. They compared video quality, color, contrast, night shots, and waterproof performance.

I’ve been a GoPro Hero user for three years now. All of my more recent videos have been with the Hero 2. It looks pretty dorky perched up on my helmet, but besides that I really like that camera.

Read here for Gizmodo’s review of the four cameras and their conclusions.


  1. Speaking of nice video, would anyone like to buy my Contour+?  Comes with HDMI cable, audio cable, handlebar mount, etc.  I bought it for $500 + $30 bar mount from Amazon, will sell in SoMa SF or Pacifica for $375.  Txt me if so: four one five, nine fore fore, seven five tree tree.

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