2013 year in review for bicycling

Happy Holidays, faithful readers.

Each year I try to track bicycle news of note for the year. You might notice a regional focus.

How many of these items do you remember? What have I missed?

BMC Chase



    NAHBS in Denver.

    Colorado Supreme Court orders the city of Black Hawk to take your bike ban and shove it.

    Former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner goes rambo and takes on the entire southern California law enforcement community. In his rambling manifesto to clear his name, he admonishes cyclists to get off the road.





    The Motor City now built for bikes.

    100th Edition of the Tour de France begins on the island of Corsica.


    A fan was just driving along on her way to a Dave Matthews concert when she Dave Matthews with a flat tire on the side of the road.

    Chris Froome, riding for Team Sky, wins the 100th Tour de France in Paris.


    Bike Share launch passing through SJSU campus

    SF Bay Area Bike Share launches.

    Who can forget Jens Voigt’s fabulous solo breakaway during State 4 of the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado?


    Market Street cyclist getting the squeeze

    Governor Jerry Brown finally signs a California 3 foot law, which takes effect September 16, 2014.

    41-year-old Chris Horner becomes the oldest winner of a Grand Tour when he takes the 2013 Vuelta a EspaƱa.

    Amgen renews its title sponsorship of the Tour of California.



    California bike summit in Oakland.

    Tesla vs cyclist in Santa Cruz County. The Santa Cruz attorneys office is actively investigating the death of cyclist Joshua Alper. Santa Cruz County District Attorney Bob Lee says Alper’s death is a “high priority” for his office.

    Bike commuter helps driver in distress.

    Cluster of cyclist fatalities in London leads to calls for better road safety, especially by operators of heavy goods vehicles (trucks).


    Calgary Herald Headline - Roubaix bike shop

    Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission divvies out the initial $5.3 million to begin work on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.

    Specailized sends cease & desist letter to a tiny shop in Alberta over the Roubaix name. Within 72 hours of the story going viral on social media, Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard flies to Canada to apologize to shop owner Dan Richter in person for the snafu and offers to work out a deal beneficial to both companies.

    A week of product recalls: Fox Evolution forks, Trek Madone, and SRAM hydraulic brakes.

Happy trails and safe travels for you all!

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