2×4 at Clever Cycles Tuesday

Attention Portland, Oregon: the NTS Works 2×4 electric assist cargo bike will be at Clever Cycles this Tuesday, September 10 2013, from noon to 4 PM.

NTS Works 2x4 on Santa Cruz Beach

Clever Cycles is the center of the American cargo bike world; I’m interested in what experienced cargo bike riders think about this bike after they see it.

NTS Works has been focusing their PR on non-endemic media — that is, they’re taking their bike to the non-bike mainstream media. Although all of the Santa Cruz bike nerds know about this local effort, I think Clever Cycles will be the first visit to a cargo bike shop for NTS Works proprietors Neal and Lisa Saiki. Last week, it was CNN’s “the Next List” blog, today it’s Forbes Magazine (albeit the writer Michael Kanellos is a San Francisco bike nut). You can also catch a review of the 2×4 in MotorHome Magazine next month.

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