50 bike posse vs pickup truck

The Mercury-News police blotter reports this incident from Woodside, California last Saturday morning:

Canada and Woodside roads, 10:35 a.m. Saturday A group of cyclists, about 50 altogether, caught up with a driver who had passed them earlier, surrounded his vehicle, then punched and kicked his window and mirror.

Of course there’s another side of the story.

From discussion on the Alto Velo discussion list, the many witnesses report a silver or gray Dodge Ram full size diesel pickup truck, California plate 6H69898, who was running cyclists off of the road, brake checking riders he passed, and intentionally spewing diesel soot as he passed riders, then running stop signs to get away from them.

After passing one group of cyclists, he apparently got out of his truck to try to start something, but he looked at the odds of 50 vs 1, got back in his truck and sped off.

Woodside is thick with recreational road cyclists, especially on beautiful weekend days such as last Saturday. Conflicts with motorists who dislike the traffic congestion caused by anything other than more cars and trucks is frequent.

In that large of a group, surely somebody had video running of one of these encounters?

H/T to Joanna in Menlo Park.


  1. I’m no detective but……

    Am I the only one who sees Ram Truck and Ram Truck in two of these stories??

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