A different kind of commuter challenge

I love this challenge from Lady Fluer: The “Take the Anything Goes Commute Challenge.”

What about you? How many commute options have you tried? Two, perhaps three? Have you tried everything? Maybe you should take the Anything Goes Commute Challenge with me. I’d love to hear all about your varied commutes. I know some of you have some interesting commutes involving trail rides, bikes on ferries, running and roller skates. (Those were all from Californians, but I know there are creative people everywhere)

To join the challenge: Try two or more commute options during April. Think out of the box. There’s probably an option you haven’t tried yet, like the bus or multi-modal trips like bike + car. Record the distances, time spent in each mode and cost of the trip for each. If your work or school commute offers only one reasonable option, feel free to substitute another frequent destination such as a store or friend’s house.

Since posting that challenge, she’s posted her own experiences with various commute modes – driving solo, biking, and taking light rail — and listing the trip times, costs, advantages and disadvantages for each mode.

Busy light rail

Regular Cyclelicious readers know that I’m a multimodal commute fiend. On a typical day I ride a bike, a bus, a train, and then the bike again. I’ve walked, ran, scootered and skated to work. I’ve even considered ways to incorporate a sailboat, kayak, surfboard or paddleboard into my commute. During the summer months I’ll bike the entire distance to the office and then take the bus home in the evening.

Lady Fleur will post the rules of her challenge on Monday, but in the meantime, check out what she’s tried so far.

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