SF Bay Area Bike Share tweeted this photo of their warehouse this morning.

SF Bay Area Bike Share kiosks

Which for some funny reason reminded me of this.

Dalek Army

Or perhaps these are a little more apropos.

Star Wars clone army

Star Wars Droid Army

Is Bike Share a secret war on cars inflicted on hapless innocents who are hated by the elitist socialists in positions of political power? Or maybe it’s just an easier way to get around the cities of San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City and San Francisco.

Lady Fleur shares a few opinions on the bike share bike as she and SVBC staffer Megan Maleck (rhymes with Dalek) took a tour of the South Bay on a demo bike, including one from Yours Truly in which I pronounce the ride is laterally stiff yet vertically compliant.

Wheelie on a Bike Share bike

You can sign up for memberships Right Now at Bay Area Bike Share. It appears the special Founding Members keys are still available.


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