Bay Area Bike Share station scavenger hunt!

Lady Fleur and I heard the San Francisco Bay Area Bikeshare program are installing five bike share locations each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so we went on a hunt for the first five locations last night.

The first location was easy because the San Jose bike program had tweeted about the Arena Green location on Autumn Street across from the SAP Center.

Arena Greek bike share station

We tried the Adobe Building on Almaden Boulevard and hit pay dirt.

Adobe building Bay Area Bikeshare station

Next, we visited the Discovery Museum park on San Carlos, but all we found was this encroachment permit application.

Encroachment permit

After that, we found the Convention Center kiosk in place on San Carlos.

Bay Area Bike Share Convention Center station

We checked several other locations (San Pedro Square, Hotel De Anza, Paseo de San Antonio, SJSU on 4th, MLK Library, City Hall, and Fountain Plaza) but could not find the 4th and 5th locations. After I left to catch my bus, Lady Fleur finally found the fourth location on San Salvador at 1st on the SoFA district. The city removed a couple of street parking spaces here to make room for the bike share station.


We finally learned later that the fifth station was installed way up in Japantown. This station was placed on top of motorcycle parking slots on Jackson Street at 5th.

Bay Area Bike Share San Jose Japantown station install

Where will the next five stations be installed? Does anybody know if work has started in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City or San Francisco? Post your bike share station photos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr, etc and post a link in the comments.

San Salvador station courtesy of Lady Fleur. Japantown photo from Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea.

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