Bay Area transit on Memorial Day Holiday

BART @ Powell Street

A selection of Bay Area transit service notes for Memorial Day on May 27, 2013.

I’ve sampled the Google Transit schedules for Monday for a handful of these agencies and it appears Google correctly chooses the Memorial Day holiday schedule for VTA, AC Transit, BART, Capitol Corridor and Caltrain. If you test the other services I’m sure somebody would appreciate a note.

  • VTA: Sunday / Holiday schedule.
  • AC Transit – all local and transbay service: Sunday schedule.
  • Caltran: Sunday schedule.
  • BART: Sunday schedule.
  • SF Muni: Mostly a Sunday schedule with some exceptions.
  • Golden Gate ferries and buses operate on a weekend / holiday schedule.
  • Blue & Gold Fleet ferries run on a weekend / holiday schedule.
  • The San Francisco Bay Ferry (operated by the Water Emergency Transportation Authority) makes mention of Memorial Day operation on only a couple of their individual individual ferry route pages, so I don’t know if their ferries will run on a weekend or weekday schedule on Memorial Day.
  • SamTrans: Sunday Schedule.
  • Contra Costa County Connection : No service.
  • Marin Transit: Holiday schedule for West Marin Stagecoach and local buses operated by Golden Gate Transit; no service for community shuttles.
  • Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) train: No service.
  • Amtrak Capitol Corridor: Weekend / holiday service.

Memorial Day service for transit agencies in the Monterey Bay Area:

MST San Jose bus

  • Monterey Salinas Transit (MST): Sunday schedule with limited lines in operation. The 55 to San Jose will run on a Sunday schedule. Route 78 to Santa Cruz isn’t on the list of buses running on Memorial Day.
  • Santa Cruz Metro: No service on Memorial Day, with the exception of the Highway 17 service to San Jose which operates on a weekend schedule.
  • San Benito County Express: No service.

Have a good weekend!

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