The amazing beggar-proof Subaru!

Subaru claims you can avoid unpleasant encounters with people holding “Need Work God Bless” signs if you buy one of their cars!

window washer

The Halifax Nova Scotia Media Co-op points out Subaru’s ad in a Canadian paper claims the Impreza has a superior safety record to the city bus (!), creates less air pollution than public transit (!) and makes you immune to panhandlers in the street (!).


Writer Berta Gaulke points out that riding in the Subaru Impreza is an order of magnitude more dangerous than riding the city bus and that it spews toxic emissions the same as any other internal combustion powered vehicle. And, of course, even car drivers enclosed in their cages will encounter bums at intersections and freeway off ramps. You can deal with the riff-raff if you want; on a bus, I pay a professional driver to chauffeur me past all of that unpleasantness.

More at the Halifax Media Co-Op: Subaru fine print trashes public transit users.

H/T to The Path Less Pedaled. Photos are CC BY-ND 2.0 by Chelsea Gomez of Shreveport.


  1. I had a different lead paragraph initially but didn’t change the photo. It initially said something along the lines that freeway ramp beggars are a universal experience no matter what you drive or where you live.

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