UC San Francisco mini-course: The Medicine of Cycling

The UC-San Francisco Osher Center for Integrative Medicine [1] offers a “Mini Medical School for the Public” on a variety of topics.

They’ll offer a course on “The Medicine of Cycling” beginning on Thursday, February 28 2013.

This course, led by a multidisciplinary team of experts and cyclists in fields of neurology, psychology, urology, dermatology, nutrition, bike fit, and sports medicine, will cover a wide range of topics which affect cyclists. It should be an interesting discussion at all of these classes — I wish I could attend!

Course chair:

  • Anna Abramson, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine; Co-Chair, Medicine of Cycling
  • Kristin Wingfield, MD, CCFP, Diploma Sports Medicine (CASEM)

February 28

  • Bike Fit: It’s All About the Bike. Curtis Cramblett, PT
  • Aches and Pains: When is it Time to See the Doctor? Kristin Wingfield, MD

March 7

  • Dermatology: Taking Your Skin on the Road. Timothy Berger, MD
  • Treating the Pros: Stories from the Road. Prentice Steffan, MD

March 14

  • Psychology: It’s All About the Mind. Jim Taylor, PhD
  • Training: Preparing to Race. Larry Nolan, USA Cycling Level 2 Coach

March 21

  • Nutrition: What Fuels Your Human Powered Vehicle? Heather Schwartz, RD
  • Metrics and Gadgets: How Do You Measure Up to the Pros? Paul D. Abramson, MD

March 28

  • Women in Cycling: Up Sides and Downsides of Title 9. Kristin Wingfield, MD
  • Men in Cycling: New York Times Warns Men About Long Bike Rides, Are They Right? Peter Carroll, MD

April 4

  • FINISH LINE: Negotiating with your brain. Eric Freitag, PsyD

Classes take place 7:00 to 8:45 p.m., Mission Bay Campus, 600 16th Street. Register before February 1st for early-bird discount registration fees.

Details at Osher Mini Medical School for the Public: Medicine of Cycling 2013.


1. “Integrative Medicine” is the commonly used marketing stand-in for “voodoo magic.”

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