Today’s roadside treasure

All kinds of goodies found today during my morning commute.

First item: a Stihl Oilomatic chainsaw for a 36 inch bar.

Roadside treasure: Chainsaw chain

Found near Peet’s Coffee in Scotts Valley, CA. I was stoked because I first thought it was a bicycle chain. Price marked on the package is $52.49. I left a message on the local Ace Hardware’s Facebook page in case somebody’s looking for it.

Second item: A child’s “Barbie” multisport helmet on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose. Retail price about $20.

Roadside Treasure: Barbie multisport helmet

Third item: a driver violating CVC 22522 and 22500 in Santa Clara. Fine is about $400 plus court fees, assuming Santa Clara police enforce these laws.

Inspired Parking: CVC 22522

You know how car drivers all believe they’re competent? Most are so incompetent they don’t even understand that they’re breaking the law. CVC 22522 says you’re not supposed to block a sidewalk ramp; 22500 prohibits stopping, standing, or parking in a crosswalk. This driver stopped here for several minutes, probably waiting for somebody,impeding the steady flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic on this path. If you look closely you can see two children walking with their mother, a cyclists who just crossed that ramp, and three or four other pedestrians ahead who recently crossed. Behind me are another two cyclists and a half dozen pedestrians or so.

If this driver stopped like this in the middle of Montague Expressway, some of her fellow drivers might want to chuck a chainsaw at her. She’d certainly be ordered by local police and CHP to move her vehicle.


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