Bike helmet with built in heart rate sensor

Imagine replacing the electrical contact in your chest strap heart rate sensor with an optical pulse sensor in a bike helmet.

LifeBEAM, a company that normally applies their “LifeBEAM sensor” technology to defense applications, has partnered with Lazer Helmets to develop a heart rate monitor inside of a bike helmet. Wireless ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 sends data to your heart rate monitor, fitness watch or smartphone so you can track your heart rate. A rechargeable lithium battery provides power for up to 15 hours.

LifeBEAM claims the pulse readings are accurate, unlike some other non-EKG devices such as wrist strap sensors.

LifeBEAM has only dealt with government agencies before. Since this is their first ever consumer product, this startup has posted an Indiegogo fundraiser to gauge interest in their product. The “Pioneer Deal” seems like a great deal — $149 for the first batch. Keep in mind the Lazer Genesis helmet without the LifeBEAM retails for $175.

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