Bikenapped! SF launches

Lulu Li’s project to map bike thefts in Boston, MA has now expanded to San Francisco with the help of Jenny Hatfield and Bryan.

Stolen Bicycles San Francisco

Bikenapped seeks to illustrate the problem of bike theft and raise awareness that will lead to solutions. Bike thefts are mapped on the site based on publicly available information from the city as well as individually contributed reports.

To view the theft data, individual theft reports, or to report your own bike theft, visit Bikenapped SF.


  1. Is this map in response to Eric Mar’s report from earlier this year? Is there any update on the other recommendations from the report? Seems like you don’t really need a map to determine the best bait bike locations. Most any LEO is savvy enough to know exactly where to put the bait. It does not require much LE resources…..just need to place the GPS bike and it will text/page you when its ready.

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