Craigslist purchase

I bought the Bridgestone MB-6 attached to this rack.

I bought the Bridgestone MB-6 attached to this rack

It’s worth about $15, and that’s what I paid. The MB-6 was the absolute bottom end bike offered by Bridgestone.

The seller bought the bike from one of his customers because his wife needed a rack for her bike. Coincidentally, his wife bought a rack from the bike shop on the very same day, so now he has a bike and a rack he doesn’t need anymore. He advertised the rack for sale; my buddy Erik saw the ad and thought it funny that the rack comes with a bike. I saw the MB-6 attached to the rack and called the seller. Money changed hands, and the bike is now at my place.

The wheels are true, the tires hold air. Shifters and brakes are stiff but usable. I might ride this bike to Blinking Man tonight.

Blinking Man is tonight’s theme for Santa Cruz Bike Party. Dust off your playa bike, hook up your best flashy night-time accessories, and join the fun beginning at 7 PM at the Santa Cruz Bike Church. Event info at Facebook, but if you don’t have FB access you already know the important details — bring yourself, your bike and your lights and follow along.


  1. Why the MB-6 hate? It’s a decent cr-mo frame fitted with adequate components. Well worth cleaning up and upgrading parts.

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