Caltrain Bike Advisory Committee meeting tonight

6:45 PM tonight at the Samtrans building in San Carlos, CA. This is one block away from the San Carlos Caltrain station.

Full bike car

On tonight’s agenda:

  • Bike theft prevention update. Has bike theft been a problem on the trains lately?
  • Alameda Bikes update. This is the new operator for what used to be Warm Planet at 4th & King.
  • Bicycle Access and Parking Plan Project List Review. Read the list here.
  • Vote on BAC charter changes. The charter changes involve moving the meeting time to 5:45 PM, eliminating language about the initial membership of the BAC, and term limits for the BAC chair.
  • Summary of Constraints to Adding a Third Bike Car on Bombardier Consists. Currently, all Caltrain trains run with two bike cars. Caltrain bike people have been pushing the Caltrain Joint Powers Board to add a third bike car on the Bombardier train sets, because these newer cars have less room on board for bikes, with 24 bikes per car vs 48 per car on the older “Gallery” sets. “Summary of constraints” hints at the content of the staff’s response to this proposal.

Caltrain BAC info and agendas here.

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