Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner tells cyclists “GET OFF THE ROAD!”

Christopher Dorner is the guy on a one-man mission to clean up the Los Angeles Police Department and clear his name. In his rambling manifesto he names names and lists out the people he admires and loathes. He admires President George H.W. Bush, Senator Feinstein, and Anderson Cooper. He loathes most of the LAPD, NRA President Wayne LaPierre, and Fareed Zakaria.

He’s neutral to law enforcement outside of the LAPD but warns outside agencies to stay out of his way. “If you proceed with a traffic stop or attempt to notify other officers of my location or for backup you will not live to see the medal of valor you were hoping to receive for your actions. Think before you attempt to intervene. You will not survive.” Dorner apparently followed up on this threat by shooting two Riverside police officers who tried to stop him.

And then he writes this about cyclists:

Cyclist, I have no problem sharing the road with you. But, at least go the ****** speed limit posted or get off the road!!! That is a feasible request. Livestrong you fraudulent ********.

Remember, this is the opinion of a trained Los Angeles Police Officer. Are his views on cyclists representative of other officers in the department? <-- Update: My apologies to my friends in law enforcement for this; it was completely out of line and does not match with what I believe about their character and their jobs.

Update: I see now that Biking In LA beat me to this.


  1. Naw, you beat me. I saw your tweet with a link to this post go up just as I was hitting the publish button, darn it. Should have known you’d be on top of it.

  2. Remember, this is the opinion of a trained, batshit insane Los Angeles Police Officer! The fact that he’s totally nuts should discount any opinion he has whatsoever.

  3. So you take the opinion of a cop killer and suggest other officers think the same way? I see you are quite a thinker. And I’m sure he did not kill the San Bernardino cop or the basketball coach in Irvine, it was his gun.

  4. I would think being singled out by Dorner would create a bit more slack for cyclists by the LAPD at the moment. Of course, that might be Dorner’s intent…

  5. This article has caused me to now unsubscribe from Cyclelicious. What kind of sensationalist drivel is this? “Oh, Christopher Dorner is so hot right now, and he said something about cyclists! AND he was a cop at one time! Holy crap, we better infer that ALL cops have the exact same opinion.”

    Why not go one step further? He’s also black. ALL BLACK PEOPLE think that cyclists should get off the road! Wait, he’s male too! ALL MEN think….

  6. Perhaps, but it was worth it just for “I’m happy we agree that only homicidal maniacs would believe cyclists don’t belong on the road.” 😉

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