This is an electric assist bicycle

This Electrolyte “One Armed Bandit” electric assist bicycle puts the battery inside of the “Lefty” style mono-fork. The front hub motor connects directly to this battery-fork assembly.

Electrolyte one armed bandit electric assist bicycle

36 volt 320 watt hour battery can provide up to 100 km of pedal assist power to the 250 watt motor, which is speed governed to 25 km/h. The bike shown here features a two speed kickback hub with a belt drive. Read about more build options from this German company over at Bike Radar: Electrolyte front wheel drive bike offers innovative style, significant weight savings.


  1. 100km/62mi of assist likely doesn’t mean zero-human input for 25km/h. But does that mean 5% assist over 62 miles? 25? 50%? The figures are meaningless without that differentiation…

  2. I have been able to test ride several motor assist bikes and have concluded that they are mopeds not bicycles.

  3. Manufacturer numbers on ebikes are all nebulous. I’ve never really figured out what something as basic as the motor power rating is supposed to mean. Since it’s a motor, you’d think it’s a measure of the motor’s power output – the equivalent of a horsepower measure for gas motors. Or maybe it’s a simple amps x volts calculation, with no consideration given for motor efficiency or even how many amps the battery can pump out.

    So you have something like the 250 watt motor on the Specialized Turbo, which can easily push a 200 lb rider to 25 MPH with maybe 100 watts of effort on the rider’s part and hold you there for an hour, or the 250 watt motor on a typical Japanese ebike that can barely get you to 15 MPH and that’s with the rider contributing half of the power.

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