SF Embarcadero to become two way cycletrack during America’s Cup yacht race

The America’s Cup race begins this weekend in San Francisco, and SFMTA will convert northbound Embarcadero between Washington Street and Pier 23 into a two way cycle-track. Motor vehicle traffic will be banned from this part of the popular waterfront road. THEY’RE TURNING A THREE LANE ARTERIAL PLUS A PARKING LANE OVER FOR EXCLUSIVE BICYCLE USE HOW COOL IS THAT?

Embarcadero closed for America's Cup

This two-way bikes only access will be in place from Sunday, September 8 until the following Sunday, September 15.

Bicycle valet parking will be available inside Pier 23 for an easy walk to the free viewing from America’s Cup Park at Piers 27 & 29.. In addition, painted green bike lanes are in place along The Embarcadero from North Point to Howard streets in both directions.

If you’re flying in to watch the America’s Cup, transit access is available at all of the three Bay Area Airports. From SFO, follow the ground transportation signs to the BART station, which you can ride to downtown San Francisco and to the Embarcadero.

At SJC, take the Airport Flyer bus to Caltrain (ask the driver to ensure you’re on the correct bus — there are two possible destinations, and you don’t want the Metro Station bus). At Caltrain, you need to cross to the nothbound side of the platform by using the pedestrian tunnel. Use the red ticket vending machine to buy a ticket to San Francisco and wait for the next train. Google Transit is your friend here.

At OAK, take the AirBART bus from the airport ($3 cash fare, exact change). The bus will drop you off in front of the Coliseum BART station, where you’ll buy a BART ticket from a ticket vending machine for fare to San Francisco. Be sure to get on a train that says “Daly City” — you don’t want to go to Fremont or Richmond.

If you need transit help to your hotel or bike directions, feel free to leave a comment here, or use Google Maps and select transit or bike directions.

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