End of the week news roundup

Photo from SXSW by Bike Hugger:

Mobile Social SXSW 13: Bike Lane Ends

The city of Healdsburg, California will consider a cyclist anti-harassment ordinance this May. Murph posts video of a driver who admits to purposefully harassing cyclists with her car.

Texas Representative Naomi Gonzalez arrested for DWI after a collision with bicycle in Austin.

Biking In LA offers some clarification on when and how police officers can write citations for traffic violations.

Bike Share growing in the American Midwest. We’ve yet to make it happen on anything beyond a tiny scale on the Left Coast.

GEICO declines full payout by blaming the cyclist in a dooring collision. Includes video of the crash.

Taylor Phinney’s story is not about last place.

Enjoy Bike Hugger’s SXSW Bicycle Photobomb, which is where I grabbed the “Lance Armstrong Bikeway” photo from.

Jill Homer’s “Riding the Invisible Highway”, Part 1 and Part 2.

Bicycle Design gives submission guidelines if you want to see your design work featured there.

Cozy Beehive Brainstorms new bicycle design ideas.

The Rationally Optimistic Cyclist.

Santa Cruz Street Style.

You might have seen that petition to open up more US Forest Service lands to mountain bikers.

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